Thursday, 22 May 2014

Susie's Big Brew - The Day Arrives

Getting ready for the Big Brew

Friday 16 May was the day of my "Big Brew" to raise money for Pregnancy Sickness Support, the charity of which I am a trustee.  This was the culmination of my Pregnancy Sickness Support Awareness Roadshow which I started way back in August as part of the charity's Nine Months Of Campaign.

In the week running up to my Big Brew, I spent most evenings in the kitchen baking.  I would have liked to involve the children (and I did feel a little guilty for not doing, knowing how much they love baking) but I just didn't manage to find time during the day when they were around. On the plus side, I discovered that the benefit of late night baking is that, with no greedy little ones around, I got to scrape the bowl out all by myself!

In total, I made more than 60 cupcakes as well as several lemon drizzle and chocolate and orange drizzle cakes. Now, I would certainly not describe myself as a "Mary Berry" - my culinary talents are generally brought out twice a year for the children's birthdays - but I actually quite enjoyed it. Unlike last year (when my show stopper went horribly wrong as the mixture leaked out of my spring loaded tins), there were no major dramas and I was pleased with the results.

Big Brew Number 1 - Pop in and Play

The first event of the day was a cake sale at my local playgroup, Pop in and Play.  I have blogged about Pop in and Play before as this was where I started my Pregnancy Sickness Awareness Roadshow all those months ago.

I had no idea how many cakes would appear, or even if people had heard the announcement the week before as the children impatiently waited for the Music Man to start his rendition of "Old MacDonald had a cow ... with a quack quack here ... etc." which always goes down a treat.

I was overwhelmed by the number of cakes people brought and the amount of effort that people had clearly put in to making some beautiful cakes.  Most of the cakes were home made and I was touched that all these busy mums had taken the time out of their day to make cakes to support a charity so close to my own heart.

Loadsa cakes!
Some were almost too pretty to eat
Not many left by the end
Big Brew Number 2

After Big Brew Number 1, it was a quick dash home to whiz round with the hoover and finish off a few other jobs before Big Brew Number 2 kicked off at my house the same afternoon.

I was blessed with sunny weather and delighted at how many of my wonderful friends and neighbours came along for a cuppa, some cake and a natter. It really was a lovely afternoon.

Counting up

I enlisted the services of a little accountant to assist with counting all the money - and a very good job he did too!

My trainee accountant

In total, I raised £237. Beforehand, I had said I would love to raise more than I did last year which was £140. I didn't expect to raise almost £100 more!

So I would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who supported my Big Brew by coming along, baking or buying cakes and for helping to make the day a big success. I couldn't have done it without you!

Same time next year?

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