Monday, 22 September 2014

RNLI Fundraising Part 2 - the Lichfield Fun Run

On Sunday 14 September J and C took part in the Lichfield Family Fun Run to raise money for the RNLI. They have raised £360 so far. It's not too late to sponsor them. They have a fundraising page here.  Thank you!

J had already done his Kids Triathlon in August (which you can read about here) and so this was the second part of his fundraising challenge. But for C, who was too young to do the triathlon, this was the big one, the one she had been looking forward to and the one she had been telling all her nursery friends about.

Proudly sporting their RNLI t-shirts and race numbers the children both waited eagerly at the start. When the hooter sounded, J sped off into the distance with his dad while C and I set off at a much more leisurely pace.
And we're off ...
I had feared that a certain amount of encouragement (and perhaps even a piggy back!) might be needed on my part to get C round the 2 km course, but I was pleasantly surprised. In fact, I was pretty impressed that she actually ran nearly the entire way, which I don't think is too bad for a three year old with very little legs!  I suspect that in a few years' time I will struggle to keep up with her.  On this occasion though I definitely got the easier ride as the girls finished in 21 minutes, about twice the time the boys took to reach the finish line.

So fast that they're blurred!
Not quite so fast!

At the end of the race we each got a medal, a bottle of water and a banana appropriately presented by a gorilla from "Go Ape" - not a real one, of course!  C was a bit unsure about the gorilla and couldn't be persuaded to have her photo taken with it even after the lady had lifted her mask to reveal herself.  J didn't mind though. 

Which one's the cheeky monkey?
We did it!
So, well done to J and C on completing your first Lichfield Family Fun Run. And well done to everyone involved in organising an excellent event. We will hopefully be back again next year!
Well done!
A well-earned ice cream

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