Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Vanishing jelly babies

It turns out there is more to this half marathon training malarkey than just running a bit further! After my bad experience with last week's long run, when I really struggled to do 7.5 miles and felt physically sick and shivery afterwards, I took myself off to a briefing and training session run by SE Fitness, a local running group, to see where I was going wrong. I learnt how important it is to stay hydrated and to have the right food at the right time.

So, with a proper breakfast, plenty of water and Jelly Babies to keep me going, this week's long run was much more successful - I managed more than 9 miles without stopping!!! My longest run ever ... and I felt fine afterwards too so I was pretty pleased! I have since been out to purchase provisions, although I have to confess this is the second packet of Jelly Babies I have bought "for running purposes". The first packet mysteriously disappeared one evening while I was watching t.v.!!

This is the third of 3 challenges I'm doing this year to raise money for Pregnancy Sickness Support.

You can read about my three challenges here.

If you would like to sponsor me, my fundraising page is here. Thank you.

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