Sunday, 25 September 2016

11.5 miles and making progress

Today my Facebook news feed has been filled with photos of inspirational ladies who last night completed Shinewalk for Cancer Research UK, walking through the night to complete the full marathon distance of 26.1 miles! What an amazing achievement! I'm totally in awe!

My own third and final challenge is to run just half that distance, but it will be a big challenge for me - it's the first half marathon I've ever run and it's only 3 weeks away! This week's long training run was 11.5 miles. I'm officially one of the "foxes" of the SE Fitness half marathon group ... which is a polite term for the slower runners who set off early and get chased down by the rest of the pack. Last week I was overtaken after about an hour but this week it was more than 2 hours before the first of the "hounds" overtook me.

So I'm definitely making progress and feeling a lot more confident than I did a few weeks ago. Let's hope I feel as confident on the big day!!

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